The Two Top Ways of Publishing Your Book

The Two Top Ways of Publishing Your Book

Your book is done and now you need to publish – where to go from there?

Traditional System Publishing System

In the traditional system, an author usually has two options to publish their book:

  • Send the manuscript to the publishing house and wait for months for editors to review your book.
  • Hire a bunch of agents to help your book reach the right hands. This is an expensive method, PLUS, there are no guarantees your book will be accepted by a traditional publisher.

That’s where self-publishing comes in handy!

This is becoming a popular medium to get your book out in the real world. It is call self-publishing, but what it really means is there are many more publishers in today’s world due to digital publishing.

The Different Ways To Self-Publish Your Book

Publishing an ebook

The popularity of online mediums such as epub, .pdf, and .mobi make it easy to get your book out to your target audience. It’s fairly easy to publish an ebook. Many online publishers such as Amazon’s Createspace, Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, and many others will help you publish your hard written words in ebook format.

They can help you:

  • Publishing online for much less than an agent
  • It is less time consuming than waiting for an uncertain amount of time from the big publishing houses
  • Almost all ebook retailers let you upload your work at any time and make it available for sale. In addition, you can also take it down anytime to make changes to the content, price, cover art, etc.
  • You retain all copyrights to your book
  • Major portals such as Amazon’s Kindle service offers automated tools for converting your book into an appropriate format
  • You can sell your book through multiple services such as Smashwords, or through your own website.

Traditional system to publish a book

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