How We Became Health Light Books

How We Became Health Light Books

The Beginning of Health Light Book PublishersOur new web site Health Light Book Publishers has been a work in progress for several years. It began with talks between Laurence Layne, and Anthony Palombo, both energy healers in the Attunement tradition.

Attunement is an energy healing method that started in 1949 with the interaction of Chiropractors with an spiritual teacher named Lloyd Meeker. Attunement is a non-touch practice that focuses on the energetic aspects of the anatomical system and the endocrine glands.

Both of us felt a need to write about our experiences and insights about healing and through much trial and error we published several books each by ourselves. It seemed like a natural alliance to combine publishing and marketing to reach a larger audience. But our connection is not merely one of convenience, it is a shared vision about the vibrational nature of healing. We both have many years experience as practical and successful healers using such methods as Chiropractic, nutrition, herbalism, Osteopathy, and various forms of natural healing. Yet we are very aware that healing involves far more than physical manipulation and supplements. What we might call vibrational healing or energy is intimately involved in why people experience health or disease.

Tony had published a newsletter for a number of years called Health Light. This newsletter eventually migrated to his blog, Healing Tones. Laurence suggested we use the name for a publishing venture since it spoke to the need to shine a light on the path of health care.

Our first goals of publishing or reissuing our books has been met. The next phase will be to publish what might be termed lost classics of holistic health. The common denominator of those books with ours is a belief (and experience) on the author's part that the life force is a necessary component of physical healing.

In our next blog we will announce some of our forthcoming authors and projects. We are also open to publishing contemporary works by living writers who have a resonant vision.


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  1. Anthony Palombo, DC
    Anthony Palombo, DC June 1, 2016 at 4:54 pm .

    This is very good, Laurence. I’m looking forward to reading more and seeing this blog flourish throughout the world, as I know will happen based on my own experience blogging over the last decade. I will link my blogs to this one so that my followers and readers throughout over a hundred and forty countries globally where my blogs are read daily (about 50 per day) can benefit from the articles.

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