Laurence Layne

Laurence Layne

Laurence Layne -- author

Laurence Layne — Author Bio

Laurence Layne is holistic practitioner of herbalism, massage, manual osteopathy, natural healing, and a published author. His path of healing began by receiving energy healing in 1978. He later attended classes in energy healing and lived in spiritual community for 10 years. In 1989 he became a professional practitioner of massage and natural health eventually studying Chinese herbal medicine, Planetary Herbology, and naturopathy. He founded a multi-disciplinary clinic, Healing Waters Clinic in St. Augustine, Florida in 1994.

Laurence has written three books on Attunement, a method of energy healing developed in 1949 and practiced by Chiropractors and lay healers since that time. He has additionally researched the origins of energy healing in the West and, and deeply studied the history and philosophy of Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Herbalism, and Naturopathy. Laurence maintains web sites on traditional herbalism,, and a blog on life and the philosophy of healing at

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