Anthony Palombo

Anthony Palombo

Dr. Anthony Palombo is a holistic health physician, a certified attunement practitioner/teacher, a musician, author, and an active student of sound healing.

For forty-two years he maintained an active practice in chiropractic and clinical nutrition in Louisiana. As a prolific writer, for almost two decades he published a newsletter entitled HealthLight and a number of his articles have been featured in various professional and organizational magazines. He continues publishing his newsletter online at with a second blog at

In 2005 he published his signature work Sacred Anatomy – where spirit and flesh dance in the fires of creation, a meditative journey through the body as a temple for worship. In 2007 he published Rediscovering the Soul of Chiropractic as a means of sharing his inspired vision for his profession.

Seven years in Catholic seminary early in his life helped prepare him for his life’s work as a spirit-based physician which sent him on a spiritual path that took him beyond his orthodox religious beliefs to a transformation in consciousness. His keen interest in vibrational healing led him to the subtle energy work of Attunement, a sacred healing art and spiritual practice, early in his ministry. This led to an awakening in consciousness to the musical nature of sacred energy and to a calling to explore the use of sound in his attunement service.

Passionate to share his discovery and incorporation of this potent modality in his healing service, Dr. Palombo has traveled both here and abroad as a teacher and explorer, developing a particular focus in the use of sound as a carrier wave for spirit in the healing and transformation processes.

In his latest travels and venture, he has offered several Attunement with Sacred Sound workshop intensives. He currently resides with his wife in Lake Charles, Louisiana where he continues to offer his services as a health coach and attunement practitioner at his Holistic Healing Arts center. For more information about the author and his work, visit him online at

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