Welcome to the Health Light Bookstore

We publish new and old books on alternative medicine, holistic health, energy healing, vitalism, herbology, natural philosophy, and history. Some of these books are written by modern professional healers, some by the "old doctors," who were the great practitioners of natural healing.

Our Philosophy

Science postulates there are forces holding our universe together. Matter and energy are intertwined, interconnected, and inseparable. We call such forces "energy," whether at the level of the atom, the body of a human being, or a star.

The Art of Healing since ancient times has acknowledged this energy, which is also called the life force or vital force.

In recent times what is called alternative medicine has been developed into various schools and methods that are based on the energy principle.

It is to this philosophy we dedicate ourselves, knowing that harmonious, and constructive work with the life force leads to health.